2021 Term 2 Junior Competitions


Friday Green Ball (4pm start) for beginner to intermediate standard players using the Green Balls on a Full Court for easier rallying and player development. Players at this level can serve proficiently and are rallying with some ball placement. They understand the rules and ettiquette of the game. This comp runs during the school terms. Play will be supervised.

Friday Orange Ball (4pm start) for beginner standard players using Orange Balls on a 3/4 Court. Players should be able to successfully serve 5 out of 10 serves into play and are beginning to rally successfully. They have an understanding of the rules and ettiquette of the game. The comp runs during the school terms. Play will be supervised.



Start date




Friday Green Ball 4.00pm 23/04 Beginner/Intermediate $79

8 weeks / 1.5hours


NOTE: we are registered to accept government 'ACTIVE KIDS' vouchers as payment towards any of our Junior programmes.  


What is 'Active Kids' and How can I use the Voucher? CLICK HERE

Saturday Combined Associations Morning Competition
This comp is run in association with Tennis Wollongong. It is a pathway from the beginners comp on Friday afternoon, for intermediate and advanced juniors. The current competition format runs in Mixed, Boys and Girls Divisions. A minimum of 2 players is needed per team.


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